How can my business rank higher on Google?

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In today's world there is quite a lot of money that relies on where your business ranks on Google. Many business professionals have heard of search engine optimization but do not know how Google's algorithm works. That being said even those who consider themselves gurus in the SEO space do not fully understand the algorithm as Google keeps their tweaks and algorithm a secret. The following are some great ways to have your business skyrocketing up the search engine results. There are many ways to rank higher on Google but each industry is different although the basics are the same.

Keep Your Blog Updated

Keeping your blog updated is a great way to attract attention and it can even help you rise in the search rankings. Informative articles about frequently encountered issues that garner some attention can come up at the top of page when the question is typed in by the searcher. Your blog being updated will also turn your blog into an evergreen resource which can bring in traffic for the lifetime of the post.

A great way to learn what people want to know is to ask your existing customer base what they would want to read or questions that they have. Crowdsourcing ideas for content can also help your marketing team by avoiding producing redundant content that makes your blog look stale. Encourage readers to share your content or link to it on your blog. Social interaction with content is one of the biggest changes in the last update of the Google algorithm. It is not easy to rank higher on Google but having readership and engagement on your blog is a great place to start.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to become a thought leader in your industry. Even mentioning the name of your company in an article about your industry can help the search rankings. What impacts the rankings even more is the use of links and the phrases that are used in the hyperlink. For example, a cell phone provider would want to corner the phrase "best 4G smartphones" as this is what many people would search. Then they would link that phrase to their homepage or a page with 4G phones.

If your business is new then building these links with common phrases might be difficult as other companies might have been cornering that phrase for years. There are less competitive keywords that take much less work to rank high for.

Blogrolls and Directories

Attaining links on certain sites is quite easy especially if you link to their site on yours. Blogroll links are valued less than in content links but they still have some value. Make sure that the site that is linking to you is related to your industry or Google could penalize you. Link directories are quite easy to submit your link to but relevance again is a big issue that many businesses run in to.

Avoid Blackhat Tactics

If you outsource your SEO work then making sure to vet the contractor you are going to use is necessary. There are certain tactics that can lead to your site being completely deindexed from Google which is Google's version of the death sentence. This means that even if you search for your company's name the results will not even pull up your website. Many people pay for links to make their job easier but organic links and brand mentions are the only ways to stay safe from a Google penalty. Even large companies like Expedia have been penalized and completely kicked off of the first page for employing these tactics.

SEO can be very complicated but can lead your business to profitability that was once unheard of. The difference between being 1st or 11th can be the difference of millions of dollars especially for larger businesses. Optimize your site and increase your SEO score then sit back and enjoy new customers!

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