Should influencers use Facebook Live video or YouTube video to promote their content?

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As Facebook jumps into the middle of the live-streaming craze, influencers are asking themselves whether or not YouTube is still the best place to showcase longer-form content. With the advent of Instagram, Vine, and now Snapchat, influencers have had access to a myriad of ways to share their message with others and tell their stories through short segmented video.

Facebook, however, poses an entirely new opportunity with the idea of broadcasting long-form live video to an already massive audience, an audience that primarily relies on existing real-world connections such as friends, co-workers, and family members to share content for consumption. In other words, Facebook's large user base is well known for sharing videos with one another and because these videos are shared by real-world connections, users are more likely to not only watch, but also actively engage with the content by re-sharing, liking, or commenting on the video.

What does this mean for influencers? Should influencers use Facebook Live video or YouTube video? First and foremost, influencers need to understand the differences between these two platforms. Facebook Live is in its inaugural year and currently functions as more of an inventive way to capture content in a live format. Influencers begin recording video that is automatically shared live with Facebook users. This is an enticing way to get people interested because the "live" aspect of the video tends to attract users. However, users can also quickly click away as they scroll through their feeds if they don't feel that the live video is interesting enough. On the other hand, one of the benefits of Facebook Live video is that viewers are not expecting videos to be edited well or to have high production quality. These videos are all about a more authentic and genuine vibe. Influencers can potentially connect with viewers on a more personal level using Facebook Live.

YouTube continues to act as more of a content storage system where people can search for interesting and informative videos to meet their needs. YouTube is to videos what Google is to web content. YouTube also offers great incentives to influencers by not only allowing them to promote branded content but also by providing an opportunity to earn money. YouTube will pay influencers based on the advertising revenue generated from their YouTube channel. On YouTube, videos are expected to have high production values but the content exists in an ongoing, long-term way. Users consistently go to YouTube to look for new content and they will search as well as view content that is months and even years old. In comparison, Facebook Live video has a shelf life of 24 to 48 hours because people forget about the videos and tend to be most interested in viewing them when they are "live" only.

The verdict? Facebook Live video or YouTube video? For now, influencers who are looking to earn money from their videos should stick with YouTube. Influencers who are looking to add active followers and reach new fans should experiment with Facebook Live in addition to using YouTube. Facebook Live helps influencers attract traffic while YouTube helps influencers pad their pocketbook.

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