what are some internet marketing tips that will help increase my website's abysmal conversion rate?

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As CEO Jeff Eisenberg once pointed out, "It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.”

What exactly does this mean? When people approach internet marketing for their website, it's often reduced to a very basic equation: "I want more visitors, so that these visitors purchase more of my product or service." While this seems logical, it's actually the exact wrong approach to take with internet marketing -- and taking the right approach can put you a step ahead of your competition. Here are three internet marketing tips that can help you improve your conversion rate -- that is, the number of visitors who actually "convert" into real, paying customers -- and therefore, your bottom line.

1. Stop Selling to the Non Customer

PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, is a huge component of internet marketing. PPC ads are the ads you see on the right hand side of Google. Many beginners choose highly competitive, broad keywords with the hopes of netting the most customers. But here's the problem: a lot of those people aren't interested in your product at all! Take the example of a company selling high quality bouquets. All of their flowers will always cost at least $50. Yet, in order to "net" more customers, the company frequently pays for PPC terms like "cheap flowers" or "discount flowers," knowing many people are interested in these terms.

But here's the thing: the people who will pay $75 for flowers are NOT often the same people searching for "cheap flowers." They'll click to your site and never convert, because you'll never have the bad quality, but cheaper flowers they can get elsewhere. Your money goes out the window. The lesson: aim for "long tail keywords" that target your audience, like "individualized bouquet of red roses" rather than just "flowers" or "roses." Each click will be infinitely more likely to convert if you're detailed in your approach!

2. Upgrade Your Website's Load Time

Slow websites can happen for a number of reasons. At the end of the day, though, it's a costly problem to have -- probably more so than you ever realized. You might not think it's a big deal that your customers have to wait five seconds to see your website. That's just a tiny sliver of time, right? Wrong. According to Kissmetrics, almost 50% of web users expect a website to load in two seconds or less. And if you're not making that happen, they're not waiting around: after three seconds of waiting, about 40% of users will abandon a website -- and that number only goes up the longer they have to wait. A good rule of thumb: websites should be about 130 KB in size.

Fun fact: Google has a wide range of tools available for you to use, and through Google Labs you can access something called "Page Speed Online" that will analyze your site, and give you suggestions of what to fix if your website is truly slow.

3. Never Forget the Call to Action

Ever notice how, as you're about to leave a website -- you've already clicked out the window and you're ready to sign back into Facebook -- a notification might pop up asking you to subscribe to their "free" email newsletter? This is one example of a "call to action." It's a last ditch effort to potentially convert a leaving user into a future buyer. It might be annoying, but it works. According to internet marketing expert Neil Patel of Crazy Egg, this "opt out pop up" typically drives 1375% more subscribers! And a recipe blog Crazy Egg interviewed experienced a 10x increase in conversions after adding this one simple call to action prompt.

This is an easy example of a way to boost website conversions, but it's not the only type of call to action you can employ. Even having "buy now" prompts displayed prominently, or prompts to talk to representatives, can help keep your jump rate low and your conversion rate much higher.

While these three internet marketing tips are not the end all of improving conversion rates, they certainly can help. Remember: a lot of visitors is great, but a lot of paying visitors is even better.

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