What are the best Internet marketing practices which will allow your websitre to survive and thrive in today's competitive environment?

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The Internet is a landscape which is constantly changing. The methods of today may very well not work tomorrow and due to such a malleable nature, it is important to keep abreast of the latest recommendations in regards to online marketing. However, this is a rather difficult topic to address. Many users may feel slightly overwhelmed in regards to the steps that need to be taken. So, it is a good idea if we take a quick look at five top tips which are designed to bring your online presence to the next level and beyond.

Variations in the Thread Strengthen the Weave

In other words, the best Internet marketing practices are those which embrace variety. If we think about this concept, it is absolutely true. You may very well be offering the most novel product or service in the world. Should users be unaware of what you have to provide, you will never make a single sale. So, be sure to incorporate social media networking, private blogs and multiple platforms into your overall approach. Presence equates to success.


In this context, an organic approach constitutes to your ability to speak to the customer. Never write for search engines. While SEO is indeed important, recall that the end user is the individual who is looking to purchase your product. This is also known as writing for an organic audience. In this manner, your visitors will feel engaged and important. Thus, sales are much likely to become a reality.


Have you ever come across a site laden with pop-up windows and that is nearly impossible to navigate? What was your overall impression? Think about this in the very same respect when you are designing your site. It is a proven fact that a new visitor will initially spend no more than thirty seconds on a page before looking elsewhere if that page is clumsy and slow to load. Keep it simple, entertaining and to the point. Display points of contact, products and calls to action clearly. A streamlined platform is one which will attract a steady influx of inbound hits.

The Power of the Image

Many traditional sites were comprised of a great deal of text. While this may eventually get your point across, remember that we all live in a visually oriented society. So, be sure to include images, videos and even infographics when necessary. This media will give your portal the "spark" that is required to shine in such a competitive environment. Look at the largest sites for perfect examples of how these marketing techniques are incorporated.

Google and Google Again...

It is a foregone conclusion that you MUST please the overlords at Google. If you fail to adhere to their latest policies, you risk penalties and in severe cases, you site may even lose its listing entirely. So, become familiar with their recent updates (such as the latest Penguin addition). You will need to take into account what they consider to be the best Internet marketing practices. These include proper SEO techniques, adherence to HTML requirements and presenting text which is not "spun" or otherwise copied. As this is quite a challenging concept, it is best to study this in some detail.

The best practices are those which will produce measurable results within a given period of time. However, promoting your online presence is just as much of an art form as it is a science. Take your time, be sure to research in advance and most of all, never be afraid to modify your approach. Success is indeed closer than you think!

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