What Elements Should My Online Marketing Strategy Contain?

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Six Things Your Online Marketing Strategy Must Contain

There are two ways of approaching a new marketing strategy for your business - a terrifying and daunting challenge, or an exciting opportunity. Needless to say, it’s the latter attitude that generally yields the most positive results.

But whichever way you go, it’s imperative that you ensure your own online marketing strategy covers the most important considerations of all. So if you are about to get started with a marketing strategy for your own business, make certain that it contains the following six core elements:

1. Your Main Goal

First of all – not to mention most obviously of all – you need to establish your primary goal. However, the key lies in being as specific as possible. Rather than simply deciding you want to make more money by getting more customers, you should think about whether you want to focus on building traffic, improving conversion rates, establishing authority, increasing unit sales or whatever matters most to you.

2. Your Target Audience

The same also goes for your target audience, which must be established as specifically as possible. And not only established, but researched and analysed heavily. The better you understand your target audience, the better the position you’ll be in to effectively reach out to them and win them over. Otherwise, the rest of your marketing strategy will naturally fall apart at the seams.

3. Your Competition

Given the fact that your business does not exist in a vacuum, you’re going to need to be realistic and proactive when it comes to handling the competition. How do the goals of your competitors differ from your own? Which rivals are more or less successful than you are? What can and should you be doing to step ahead of the competition?

4. Your Chosen Media

Establishing exactly which media you intend to use throughout your marketing campaign is also important. The reason being that these days, there are quite literally endless available options to explore – each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Rather than simply hacking away at all of them randomly, you need to think carefully and proactively about which offer the most value and potential for your business.

5. Your Message

Along with determining what you want to get from your marketing strategy, you also need to think carefully about what you intend to give. Or in other words, the message you want to convey to your target audience members. You need to think about your brand, your philosophy and the primary focus of your business, in order to isolate your USP and decide how best to convey it.

6. The Budget

Last but not least, it’s unrealistic to expect any kind of marketing strategy to work if you do not budget thoughtfully and accurately from day one. Running out of money along the way can be nothing short of catastrophic, as well as making the mistake of allocating far too little money to areas that could do with greater spending. Budgeting is all about being realistic – both with your expectations and willingness to invest in your business.

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