What Types of Content Marketing Tools are Used for Internet Marketing Campaigns

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To determine which Content Marketing Tools you need for an internet marketing campaign it is important to determine what action and when it needs to be done. There is a difference between converting a reader instantly to buy an ebook, encouraging someone to sign up for a mailing list or compelling someone to call your business. Understanding what you want the reader to do after viewing your content will help determine whether it needs to be an article, blog post, an short ad with call to action, an infographic or even a YouTube video. The following list of categories is based on essential functions when executing an internet marketing campaign.

1. Content Discovery & Idea Generation

This type of tool helps you generate an idea relevant to what the readers and people are interested. Question and Answer sites such as Quora.com or Content Aggregators like Paper.li are used to find topics people are already interested in reading about. With these tools most ideas for a piece of content will hit a certain segment of the users if you offer a solution to a question and restate the problem presented by someone else.

2. Content Marketing & Distribution

Creating a schedule for posting, optimizing the times based on statistical data and pay for placement content featuring. Hootsuite and Buffer are two powerhouses in this category because they are also used in Social Media Marketing by organizing distributing through the important social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.. By allowing you to send out the content on multiple channels at the same time you can easily organize the message and taylor it to the audience that is present on each Social Media Site.

For example, on Linkedin you would want to alter the message to be a formal tone and relevant to the type of content people using the website are expecting. You would not want to put a meme that is made for going viral on Facebook onto Linkedin as well because not all audiences are good when it comes to the professional reputation at stake on Linkedin.

3. Organization

Every campaign needs a base to organize written works, collect research and establish a calendar of dates to ensure the campaign is run efficiently and with a consistent strategy. Evernote is perfect for organizing the research into notes and clipping images for infographics like gathering a bunch of pieces to a puzzle you will put together. Trello is a tool that uses a Kaban style board system which gives you a space to arrange pieces of the puzzle without overwhelming yourself with all the content at the same time. Pocket will allow you to save websites to your Pocket Account in reading format to remove distractions this way when you initially start a project and you are in the collecting phase of Getting Things Done you can easily gather all of this research into a central unit with distractions removed.

4. Content Creation

Creating all types of content whether it's video, images( memes, collages, infographics) or regular article generation there are tools that are available for free that can assist in making things possible for even the layman to spice up a marketing campaign. Visual.ly for infographics or Canva for all types of images it is important to have tools at your disposal to create multimedia content. Content Marketing performs exponentially better with images and it is no longer pay a graphic designer $100/hour to create a visual representation of your work.

5. Writing

The actual process of writing can be assisted with tools that help you procure a writer for your piece or assist in editing the work.

6. SEO

This class of Content Marketing tools are used for optimizing the content in the campaign for tor even keeping you out of trouble with copyright infringement such as Copyscape which is both a plagirism checker and a duplicate content checker to avoid penalties when doing Search Engine Optimization.

Creating content and posting it on a website now that these platforms are available will leave manager of the content marketing campaign at a loss without using what is available. Worse writing goes viral or has more value then a perfectly written piece because there are two main points with marketing:

1. Saying the right thing

2. In the right place

Without being in the right place, saying the right thing the campaign will miss return on investment goals and discourage even experienced content marketers from continuing there efforts.

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