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Question What are the Duties of a Marketing Representative? (Posted by: Anonymous )

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A marketing representative is a person who sells products on behalf of a company. He does this either by going out to the field to source for customers or by servicing existing ones. Many employers require a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this position, but others only insist on good communication skills and the desire to sell.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2010-11 Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median annual wage of marketing representatives dealing in wholesale and manufacturing, technical and scientific products, was $70,200 including commissions, in May 2008.

Develop Sales Plan

Marketing representative duties include developing a clear strategy to sell the products of her company. She identifies the geographical scope of the marketing campaign, profile of potential customers and projected sales volume. This plan includes a budget for executing the marketing plan. According to, the marketing representative develops materials that aid in the marketing of the products. These include brochures and samples.

Keep Sales Records

The marketing representative delivers the products to customers. The delivery may be in person or by mailing the items by courier service. According to, the marketing representative keeps records of all the sales achieved. This gives the company valuable data on daily, monthly and yearly sales and gives a picture of the performance of the products in the market. He makes follow-up contact to customers who have bought the company’s products in the past to interest them in other products.

Receive Payment

The marketing representative receives payment from customers and delivers it to the company. She performs this task in situations where the customer may not have the time to go to the company to make the payment or he does not wish to pay by other means. The marketing representative, according to, also brings to the attention of customers the availability of new products by sending brochures or emails.

Give Customer Feedback

Marketing representative duties also include forwarding feedback from customers to the company’s management. Customers occasionally have good or bad things to say about the products they have purchased and it is important that these concerns be presented to management so that they can be addressed. According to Gwinnett Network, the marketing representative liaises with the production team to ensure timely production. He has a responsibility to make the production team understand the seriousness with which clients take delivery dates as he is the one who interacts with them regularly.

Public Relations

The marketing representative solves problems that may arise from time to time in the process of marketing. Products may fail to reach a customer and go to a wrong address. He must ensure that replacements are sent to the customer. According to, the marketing representative projects the name of the company for whose products he sells. Potential or existing customers have different views of the company negative and positive. He gives a positive image to ensure more sales. The marketing representative is required to behave in a manner that projects professionalism for him and the company he represents while on sales missions.

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This is more of a description of a salesperson. A marketing representative visits events and clients to represent the COMPANY not the products/services. A marketing rep's duties do not include making a sale or delivering the money or any other part of the physical distribution. What they do is they create the channels for the client to choose a company in the future. Marketers build RELATIONSHIPS while salespeople sell. They're similar but there are distinct differences including, but not limited to: -salaried pay (instead of commission, since they're not selling products) -working to maintain a positive client/customer relationship -typically requires a degree either in marketing or related to the industry -duties range from preparing promotional materials/packets to schmoozing By Anonymous on 17-05-13 at 02:01am
Agreed, the description above is more of a sales rep. rather than marketing rep. By Anonymous on 26-11-13 at 05:03am
A sport marketing representative- Marketing Representative for sporting goods manufacturers are called upon to do a wide variety of tasks, from keeping track of the athletes who endorse your company’s products, to grassroots market research. Marketing reps need to be flexible and able to handle multiple tasks. They primarily work with athletes on college and pro teams, making sure they are supplied with the company’s product. By Anonymous on 10-02-14 at 08:54am
Actually to anonymous above- there are hybrid positions of marketing consultants that include sales. Thus the term "sales and marketing" are interchangeable at times. Marketers indeed build relationships, and part of this process is listening to the prospect and finding out what their pain is. This is the first step in you can't really say there is a clear distinction. Also some marketers receive commissions on accounts that they brought into the pipeline. I am speaking from my experience in both fields with most in sales, and some in marketing, and presently in both. Hope this helps. By Jonathan on 22-03-14 at 01:48pm
medical representative is defind as a link between a manufacturer and the retailors to sellout product of the represanting company... By ravi dixit on 05-04-14 at 08:43am
People in marketing don't sell. The process of marketing takes place way before selling. Marketing is making the product desirable to people. Creating a need or making it so people feel the need is greater. If anyone tells you marketing and sales are the same they are lying to you or they don't know what they are talking about. By Anonymous on 04-05-14 at 03:25pm
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