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This is a sample marketing plan for businesses.

Executive Summary

This marketing plan has been made for the ASUS Memo Smart Pad 10. This is to show areas of possible expansion for this device. ASUS is an experienced company that has shown continued growth over the past three years. This growth can be accelerated by taking advantage of the new business environment with regards to tablet computers.

Company Description

ASUS offers a wide variety of cutting edge products from all in one PC’s, tablets and smartphones, to motherboards, optical drives and servers for commercial customers. ASUS products have breathtaking features that grab attention. Being the leading motherboard manufacturer (Tech In Style, The ASUS Story), you can find ASUS components in one in three personal computers. ASUS recently launched the Memo Pad which is a tablet computer that will compete with the IPad, and other tablet computers on the market. It operates on the popular Android OS, and has Google Play installed which gives the user access to nearly 800,000 applications.

ASUS products can be found all over the world. They can be found at major and independent retailers across the U.S and Canada. ASUS products are competitively priced to ensure that the customer does not have to spend tremendously to have a great technological experience. This has lead to an 8.4% increase in profit over Q4 2011(ASUSTEK Q4 Investor Conference).

ASUS’ commitment to IECQ Hazardous Substance Process Management was recognized in March of 2012 when they became the first Computer Company to Receive Prestigious IECQ HSPM Certificate.

ASUS’ Mission And Goals

The mission of ASUS is to offer products that enable our customers to reach new levels of productivity and become the largest provider of computer, communication and consumer electronics. ASUS’ deductive approach to product development has helped ASUS expand its offerings from motherboards and processors, to PC’s, tablet computers, smartphones, and workstations as well. ASUS’ mission to offer increasingly innovative products to our customers is fulfilled on a daily basis.

In the tablet industry, ASUS’ goal is to become the number two tablet maker in 2013 and the number four tablet vendor in the market. ASUS also plans to gain more market share in the tablet industry.

ASUS will achieve its mission by focusing on product innovation, staying ahead of the market trends focusing on quality. Utilizing these attributes will ensure that ASUS is producer of the latest technology with the highest standards.


Core Competencies

In order to maintain a secure competitive advantage, ASUS utilizes its core competencies which, may seem easy to replicate, but is hard for competitors to duplicate. ASUS core competencies in (1) creating affordable, high quality electronics that are very innovative; (2) creating truly bilateral partnerships with manufacturers; (3) developing a reputation for being the leading provider of motherboards in the world; and (4) time to market performance. ASUS will expand on these competencies with the release of new products, marketing strategies and staying competitively priced.

By building on these core competencies and ASUS’ current notoriety in the industry, ASUS will continue to keep and grow its competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Situation Analysis

The prevailing business environment is for the ASUS Memo Smart Pad 10 is very promising. Currently there major opportunities with regards to the current demand for tablet computers.

The following is a SWOT analysis of the business environment for ASUS. It shows why the Memo Smart Pad 10 is worth promoting more.


a. The ASUS Memo Smart Pad is low priced.

b. It boasts a great processor.

c. It is well received in the market.

d. There is a broad target market.


a. Competing tablets on the market.

b. The design is not appealing.

c. The screen resolution is choppy.


a. Tablet sales are increasing.

b. Android O.S use is on the rise

c. Asus is becoming a more recognized brand.

d. Mobile computing, specifically tablet use, is on the rise and projected to continue to rise.


a. Competitors like Apple, Amazon, and Samsung that dominate the market now.

Competitors in the tablet industry

Currently the major competitors in the tablet industry are Apple (IPad, IPad Mini), Amazon (Kindle Fire) and Samsung (Galaxy, Galaxy Note). ASUS’ market share rose 2% in 2012 at the same time it claimed the title of number four tablet vendor. This coincides with the trend that is going on now. Tablet use is on the rise and use of the Android O.S is on the rise as well. Both trends are projected to continue for the next four years at least.

The reasons that our competitors have the market share that they do is due to better features and tablet design. These obstacles can be overcome by offering custom design for a little extra. ASUS can also offer upgrades on components like the screen and processor as well. The relatively low price of the Memo Smart Pad 10 is an advantage in this case. Currently the income of the middle class is growing, so consumers will not mind spending a little extra when they can see value in it.

The Target Market

According to a GFK Mri study, the main tablet users are mostly male, with a high income and education. That does not mean that tablet computers are not being bought by other consumers. Women are growing in their tablet use as well. Women now account for more than 50% of tablet users. That is up from 47% three years ago. Tablet users also range in age from 13-65 and vary with income.

With such broad target market, ASUS can market the Memo Smart Pad 10 will do very well. The goals should be to target the consumers with the highest income. This may mean marketing to business professionals and other occupations with a high income.

The Marketing Mix

Product Strategy

The ASUS Memo Smart Pad 10 has a 10 inch screen for great 3d graphics, a quad core processor for high speed internet anywhere, front facing camera for video chat. It also has a rear facing camera for pictures and video. The Memo Smart Pad 10 also offers universal USB and Micro SD ports that can add memory and aid it in connecting to other devices. It comes in black white and pink and with Google Play, it has access to more than 800,000 apps.

The 10 inch screen is great to watch movies and surf the web on. According to an article entitled “Tablet User Shopping Habits Unveiled”, tablet users spend do more online shopping than any other consumer. The social media app BuddyBuzz will also be instrumental to many consumers 50 and under that use social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. BuddyBuzz allows users to post and browse all of their profiles from one window.

For business professionals, there are more than 50 applications for office features like word processors, PDF readers, spreadsheet creation and management and CAD drawings. Oovoo, Skype and Google Hangouts are all available for those meetings on the go.

Distribution Strategy

There are numerous avenues to the consumer for tablets. According to a study by Google, consumers spend an average of four weeks researching devices before making a purchase. According to the same survey, online ads contributed to nearly 70% of the purchases. According to infographics from IntoMobile, more than 45% of referrals come from FaceBook. Looking at these numbers leads me to believe that online ads will be the driving force behind sales of the Memo Smart Pad 10.

The Memo Smart Pad 10 will be available at all of the major retail outlets like Target, Best Buy, WalMart and others worldwide with a focus on emerging markets.

Promotion Strategy

ASUS participates in many conferences and industry specific trade shows every year. ASUS also holds three digital promotion competitions every year. I think that some ads taken out on social media sites will do well. Besides community outreach ASUS does not currently any advertising of its tablet computers to consumers. Online advertising, specifically promoting the ability to get upgrades for the device will be instrumental in increasing sales of the ASUS Memo Smart Pad 10.

The advertising can be done through a PPC ad campaigns on social media sites like FaceBook and Google +. Twitter and Pinterest offer low cost to free advertising. The cost may come in hiring an inside or outside company to monitor the social media pages.

Pricing Strategy

I think the price should stay the same for the Memo Smart Pad 10. The price will be different for custom designs and upgraded versions. Value adding features like upgrading the screen, unique colors or upgrading the processor should be the only thing that increases the price. By not increasing the overall price and offering upgrades, you leave the Memo Smart Pad 10 available to a wider market and ensure its survival in the future.

Budget, Schedule and Monitoring

ASUS has increased its market share year over year. The outlook for 2013 is bright. With the continuing trend in tablet computer purchases and the continued increase in usage of the Android O.S., ASUS is positioned to gain more market share in 2013. Below is a figure of ASUS revenue growth from the investor relations PDF.      

Next we will look at shipment outlooks for 2013.

ASUS is expecting double digit growth in 2013. Next we will look at the 2013 outlook for tablet sales and market share.

ASUS plans on continuing its expansion into the tablet computer market for the foreseeable future by taking advantage of the trends and using innovative design to capture the attention of their target market.

I hope this sample marketing plan for businesses helps you in your endeavors.


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