What are some marketing techniques to avoid?

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An effective marketing campaign has to be wary of what not to do if it wants to effective in today’s marketplace. Modern day marketing and advertising missteps are amplified by social media, and the backlash can create a negative campaign all on its own. These awkwardly executed messages can thus do a company’s bottom line more harm than good. Here are a few general pointers of marketing techniques to avoid when rolling out your next marketing campaign.

Putting Yourself at The Center of Your Message

Putting yourself at the center of the marketing message and marketing campaigns can be seen as selfish to the customers you're trying to reach. The effect of trumpeting how great your product is without at any acknowledgement of your customers’ reality and how your product fits in to it ultimately feels condescending and can dissuade customers from buying your product.

Over Relying on Your Authority in Your Field

Marketers will sometimes choose to take an authoritative stance towards customers in a heavy-handed effort to get them to buy their products. They often try to persuade people using facts or tout the awards they’ve won in an effort to persuade their customers. But cold facts will never be as powerful as establishing an emotional connection with a company’s target demographic. Marketers who rely too much on an authoritative voice where they dictate the supremacy of their product or service to their customers can unwittingly make them seem distant from their customers. Relying too much on facts to make your case can also backfire in the modern internet-enabled age. Most customers are naturally skeptical and as many of them will do their own research, they’ll come to their own conclusions about how good your offering is. It's better to show your knowledge in many different facets to your potential customer so that you eventually gain their trust and only then will they ultimately become more accepting of your message.

Don't Desperately Pander to Your Target Audience

Companies who stretch themselves too thin while going after their audiences risk diluting the core value propositions of their company. When companies overreach by crafting too many different messages just to pander to varying demographics, there is a sense that these companies are losing sight of their values just to temporarily increase their bottom line. The problem with pandering is that it's often hard to go back to marketing campaigns that are congruent with your mission statement once you've splintered your message in a desperate attempt to please your various far ranging demographics.

Fear-Based Marketing

Fear-based marketing has been employed by companies throughout the years because it is effective. Marketing to people by instilling a sense of lack or deficiency that inflicts a sense of incompleteness (which your product or service solves) makes your product seem a hero only by diminishing your customers first. Fear and lack-based marketing has fallen out of favor of late, as companies like Nike and Apple emphasize how their products can make people better than they already are without demeaning them first. Fear-based marketing is one of the marketing techniques to avoid in the current consumer landscape.

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