What are the best free marketing tools available?

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I bet when you began the long and focused process of building your small business, you never considered how hefty a fine you may pay in time alone to the dedication of your company's marketing campaigns. Let's not even talk about how every marketer from under the digital sun has crawled out of their previously unforeseen rocks to lob their 'best marketing tool' or 'sure-fire 100% winning services' at your inbox.

There certainly must be options when it comes to paying outlandish prices for fly-by-night marketing techniques that may or may not be, white-hat, or on the up-and-up. Right?


Unless your business has outgrown the thousands of available free options, paying those bizarrely high prices will only serve to red line the all-important bottom line. Even if your time is very limited, there are a few things you can begin to do to build brand awareness for your products or services.

Questions and Answers Sites

Many marketers utilize questions and answers, or Q & A, sites for fairly effective marketing results. In some cases, this is said to actually be one of the best forms of free marketing tools available. Some of the best Q & A sites are:


•Facebook Questions


•Yahoo Answers


Head to some of the Q & A sites and look up questions relating to your product or services niche. Once found, read over, and respond to questions to which your product or services are a highly relevant answer. Keep in mind that the keyword there is "relevant." Posting your suggestions, or links, to something only mildly related is considered spam and may also cause your log in to be banned.

Social Networking

Nothing beats social networking when it comes to free marketing tools. Social networking means more than Facebook and Twitter. There are many instances where they are in fact, the least helpful of all options. Depending on the nature of your business, other forms may be just as imperative to promoting your brand.

•Social Media Club

•Internet Marketing Club


•Empire Avenue


Content Re-Marketing

Marketing, or in essence, re-marketing your own content is not only a great free marketing tool, but in some cases, you can actually benefit from direct monetary profits. Re-marketing your content means that you are quite simply, posting those helpful blog links, or technical how-to's to a broader audience.







One of the all-important aspects of carrying out even the smallest or seemingly insignificant marketing campaigns is to monitor your own progress. If you are tossing content left and right but not watching to see if it is received well, your entire marketing campaign is likely to be a bust. Some of the absolute best free marketing tools can be used as much as needed until you have learned to judge the ebb-and-flow of your contents impact on your business.

•ActiveSearchResults (ASR)


•Bing Webmaster Tools

•Backlinks Checker Tool



•Google Analytics

Utilizing these techniques in an early marketing campaign will not only allow the small business owner to get their brand name on the digital map, but it will also serve to provide a deeper understanding in marketing. In this manner, when the time does come that your business has outgrown homegrown advertising and social media marketing campaigns, you will have the knowledge it takes to decipher the functional and healthy marketing tools or plans from the mass spammers with no good intentions for your business.

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