How Can Google Plus Improve The Online Social Marketing Efforts of Your Business or Brand?

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Google Plus (G+) Pages For Online Social Marketing

Just when you think you have social networking under control between LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook… a new one emerged. Have you jumped onto the G+ bandwagon yet?

Many individuals are staying where they are comfortable, some have created a Google Plus profile just to check it out, and others are diving in full force.

Whichever group you fall into, that is fine. I am not here to push you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with… But here are some facts that may (at least, they should) affect your decision if you have a business or brand you’d like to build a strong web presence for:

Google + Fact #1: Over 40 million users and… it’s still new!

G+ was initially available for invitation only in June 2011. It was launched to the public in September 2011. An article published in October 2011 stated that this newest social networking site had already crossed the 40 million user mark. Facebook, the largest competitor to G+ and an online social marketing industry leader, took 3 years to reach 25 million users. Just saying…

(You can read that article here:

Google + Fact #2: Google Plus is still new, people!

In case you’ve “checked it out” but haven’t been active on Google Plus (personally, I am guilty of that) it’s important to remember that Google tends to launch early, and update often. It’s not perfect yet. There’s still a lot of kinks to work out, naturally, and it is a new social network so it will take some getting used to.

However, considering the next fact… getting used to it may be more than worth the effort.

Google + Fact #3: G+ is owned by Google, the leading search engine.

It goes without saying that this social network will change the way your business, brand, and website optimizes for search engine results and page rank.

I could write an entirely separate, lengthy post that discusses in greater detail how SEO and G+ will correlate. But for now, I will summarize with this: the integration of the “G+1” feature into search results will forever change the way search engine results display.

There’s already been heavy talk of “online filter bubbling” ( and Google is included. From the point-of-view of a business or brand, popularity is critical to keep an optimal search engine results placement (SERP.) It has been verified that the Google Plus One feature will affect page rank, and so it’s recommended to include a “+1” button on individual web pages, articles, and posts.

(Note, the +1 feature also works like the “Like” feature on Facebook, also resulting in targeted referrals.)

Myths About Online Social Marketing with Google Plus:

1) You can't build a PAGE for a business or brand. (False! For a while this was not available, but it is now!)

2) A business or brand PAGE on Google Plus can only have one administrator. (False. This was the case for a short time after the Pages feature was released, but it is possible to have multiple admins for a page on G+.)

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