Are you a marketing expert who knows how to grab market share, expand brand awareness and target an affluent audience?

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Answered by: PAUL, An Expert in the Marketing - General Category
Are your trying to target a specific audience? Does your message reach the most desirable consumers? Is your message engaging the right customers? If not, perhaps you need my expertise.

As a seasoned writer with extensive experience in global news, domestic and international marketing and the entertainment industry, I can help your company expand brand awareness, grab market share and target an affluent audience—your product and marketing messages reach the most desirable group of consumers.

My writing style engages readers with a narrative that informs, instructs and often entertains while providing the necessary information and a call to action. This effective and proven formula is used to implement various print/electronic pieces: sell sheets, brochures, e-mail blasts, social network postings, presentations, events materials and all marketing collateral. Furthermore, I have written many case studies. This booklet is most important for your business. I collect information from your sales team, analyze the data and produce a comprehensive document that demonstrates your advertising and marketing partnership's ROI. This is most helpful to your sales team and your clients appreciate the demonstrated outcome of your initiatives while you get a much clearer picture of how effective your marketing plans are working. This also provides you with the analysis and communication to approach new and potential advertisers/partners with tried and proven marketing solutions.

I have offered my expertise to various industries and businesses. While working at The Wall Street Journal, I was responsible for writing all copy in support of the global franchise. My work helped exceed advertising sales expectations within the first year and I was a team leader in expanding the foreign language editions throughout Latin America. I've also contributed to the company's growth with materials that helped sell the newspaper's Portuguese edition in Brazil. I am most proud of the work that I produced in support of The Wall Street Journal iPhone app. It was the number one download within the first week of it's launch. Furthermore, I have a design background and while I prefer to work with the most talented art directors, i am capable of producing high-quality graphic compositions, presentations and layouts as well as edit all materials with the latest software: InDesign, QuarkXpress, Adobe Photo Shop and Illustrator. This skill set gives me and my clients that extra edge in keeping within budget, on schedule with tight deadlines and above par for print production.

My work experience in marketing for the performing arts is most rewarding to my soul. As an avid attendee and supporter of dance, music and theater, I've helped various arts organizations fill theater seats, stimulate ticket sales and subscriptions and spread the word regarding performances and art exhibitions. My brochures provide readers with a monthly calendar of up-coming events, I've written grant proposals that have raised over $6,000.00 and I've created press releases that have helped promote audience attendence. While at The San Diego Performing Arts League, my work helped to contribute to the expansion of 116 theaters and arts organizations.

I understand the difficulties and challenges of marketing in every economy—the importance of reaching your audience when the economy is up and the necessity of targeting them when markets are down. Budgeting restraints should never be a hindrance for creative and effective solutions.

How and when are equally important when delivering your marketing messages. I can help you reach any target market but everyone wants to target an affluent audience—they are the ones who have the most purchasing power.

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