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Yes, Virginia, there really is a way to differentiate your blog online: Custom blog content. Let me guess... like most people, you started a blog for your business, thinking, "How hard could it be?" And now you're finding out just how much time it can take to do the research for a solid blog entry, not to mention one that entertains and informs.

That's where we come in. At HappyBloggers, we create custom blog content that keeps your audience's eyeballs glued to the screen. How? We hire an elite team of sharp, witty writers who love nothing more than to dig deep into a set of keywords and dial up the SEO. But our writers also realize that a keyword-heavy entry isn't going to be memorable. That's where the humor comes in. The HappyBloggers difference is simple: We use your keywords to make people feel good — even to bring out a chuckle or two. We know that in today's world, a little laughter goes a long way.

Sure, there are other content services out there, but none of them screens its writers as well as HappyBloggers. First of all, our bloggers must have a degree in creative writing from an accredited, 4-year North American college or university. But we don't stop at screening. We also train our HappyBloggers. Each attends the prestigious Second City skit workshops in Chicago quarterly on company time. Finally, we invest in our HappyBloggers. We ensure they are surrounded with topical, funny material every day. Our top blogger draws his inspiration from Twitter, so we give him paid time to follow comedy greats like @BorowitzReport, @badbanana and @MeetingBoy. We send another HappyBlogger to open mic night at the local Laugh Factory once a week, on us, for inspiration.

Think any other content farms out there are providing that same level of service? Half the time, the person writing content at most companies speaks English as a second language or churns out lifeless, robotic, keyword-dripping drivel. Not HappyBloggers. We take the time to make work fun for our people so that they can make reading your blog fun for your people.

Of course, there are certain kinds of humor that appeal to one person but not another. When creating your custom blog content, we take the time to study you, your organization, your audience and the personalities of each so that we get just the right tenor of humor. Always appropriate, never rude or offensive, our HappyBlogger approach is built for laughs, not controversy. We simply think a little more fun is needed in our fast-paced, all-or-nothing, do-or-die society.

So when you're ready to rock your company's blog with fun, funny custom blog content, send us an email at Happy@HappyBloggers.com. We'll get back to you within 24 hours with research into your organization under our belts and questions in our heads. And we'll bet that once you get off the phone with HappyBlogger, you'll be happier than when we started our conversation. We know we will be.

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