What's the best way to get traffic to your website?

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In the realm of inbound marketing, you know the objective is to get traffic to your website. You've heard web coaches and internet strategists advise that the most successful websites are also the best promoted. The question is, what does that mean? In order to successfully get traffic to your website, you should follow some basic tips and tricks. If you do them correctly, and well, your inbound marketing traffic will increase substantially.

First, consistently add new content to your website. You may consider updating your portfolios on a weekly basis. If you've just started working with a client, go ahead and boast about it with a landing page. Title your page something geo-specific like 'Philadelphia manufacturer reaps security benefits,' then discuss how you assisted to make the client's life easier. This is a form of case study that showcases how you solved a client's problem. Blogs also act as fresh content. If you can keep up a consistent schedule of new, interesting posts, start a blog. New content accomplishes two things: It gives readers a reason to come back to your website, and it provides Google more information to index for their search engine.

You may offer a contest or other ecommerce product. There is no better way to get traffic to your website than the use of an irresistible deal. This may be a coupon offer, such as 50% off. A free t-shirt could work, as well. Keep in mind, the shirt does not need to directly promote you. A unique design using your company colors is enough to get the wearer to discuss you and your business without flagrant branding. Contests should also be a unique, significant offer, like 'Caption this photo to win $100 gift card.' You may take the concept one step further and feature the winner in your next marketing campaign. The key to successfully getting traffic to your website is to make the deal irresistible. Truly, if you do not substantially reward visitors, they will not want to participate. When was the last time you visited a restaurant for 10% off?

Interact with colleagues and other social media outlets to promote your content. If you have a new website you want to promote, tell the world. You'll want to make sure you provide details about what you have to offer without over selling. Consider what motivating factors you typically use to promote your business. A security company might post a compelling fact: "20,000 people died as a result of home invasions in 2010." The fact would be followed up with a link to their security systems page. Another tactic is to read and comment on colleague's blogs. The blog administrator will want to know who is reading their content. In turn, they may post on your company website or promote a contest you're offering. Social Media networks work best when everyone is promoting each other, so make sure you do your part and engage other businesses.

Ultimately, to get traffic to your website, you should work to promote the site. It's best to create fresh content as often as possible via blogs or landing pages. Offer a contest or ecommerce deal to get your audience engaged, just make sure it's irresistible. A not-so-stellar offer won't accomplish your goal. Finally, build links with other users by commenting on their blogs. Use Social Media to promote yourself, too. Before you know it, you'll be organically successful beyond your Google dreams.

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