How can progressive profile marketing help your business?

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5 Tips for Using Progressive Profile Marketing to Heat Up Your Marketing Campaigns!

In an environment which uses information as currency, how do you make the most of the information that your leads provide to you? The answer is, by building a profile for each unique lead and grouping them with individuals who have similar characteristics and expectations.

1. Collect information and offer content in exchange

Many consumers have a wide array of information that you can use to direct your marketing such as email addresses, phone numbers, Twitter handles, etc. Consumers do expect something in return for their time and information, however. Most marketers meet this expectation by offering them content in exchange for their personal information.

2. Customize your forms

If you are going to use a variety of resources like landing pages, gated content, or to address your audience and offer a value exchange for their information, you will need forms. Oftentimes, landing pages use the same forms with the same fields. Consumers don’t want to see the same fields over and over again. This may even give them the impression that you aren’t listening to them as they give you information. Using different forms can be a good alternative, but can also make you sound like you are probing for more and more information. The balance will be something that you will need to find in your niche.

3. Customize your content for your leads

Once you have collected information from your leads, you can then begin to distribute customized content that will appeal to them on a more personal or professional level.

Appeal can come in several forms:

-Emotional appeal

The first form of appeal is to play at their emotions. Tug at their heartstrings with emotionally charged words or challenge them to take on your call to action. Show them the cause that your organization is directing funds or effort to, share your story, or engage them personally with a funny or witty blog post.

-Business appeal

Expanding one’s knowledge base is a main point for anyone who uses the internet for business. Give them a reason to care about your product. Show them that they have a need for it, make them believe that you have a possibility to bring value into the relationship with a business specific white paper or business blog post.

-Marketing appeal

Give them a reason to want your information. Make your site meet the desire of your target audience or the image of your product. If you want to catch the eye of C-Level executives, then you may want a colder color scheme and a more professional look, or if you want it to reflect your product, use a color scheme that matches the feel of your product, and maybe even an executive summary or subject specific white paper.

4. Target your desired audience with your marketing campaigns

Use the information that your leads give you to send out content that suits their needs and try to establish the reason that they have come to your site (hopefully to look at your product(s) or service(s)). But they may just be looking at the how your rates stack up against your competitors.

5. Use shorter forms and offer more content to drive traffic

Progressive profiling allows you to collect information more slowly, and across more visits to your site. Extensive forms may cause leads to search for the information elsewhere. Just make sure that you have the content to bring leads back in and support your inquiries. After all, content is how you pay them for their information. Content has a variety of forms, but you will need to target your content style and type to your audience.

The information collection and consumer profiling don’t end once they become a customer. If anything, it becomes even more important. Customers want to feel like you understand their needs and concerns. With progressive profiling, you can accomplish this by further customizing your responses to customer service inquiries. If you follow the tips listed above, progressive profile marketing should be a tool you use when maintaining landing pages and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases.

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