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Every new comer in business or experienced business owner is always looking for ways to get ahead of the competition especially as technology advances and while at it they always end up applying the most pressure on sales reps and other sales personnel in the business. Having been in the sales business for quite some time I can rightfully boast of a good enough level of knowledge to offer sound advice for sales persons looking for a strong business foundation. One thing I have always stood for is having the right Business Intelligence (BI) model for sales departments and recruiting firms or departments utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems.

BI is a concept that has been around for about ten years and essentially involves collecting relevant data to the business in question, analyzing it and providing a real-time point of view either in report form or on dash boards to help business owners and managers monitor their businesses and make adjustments as necessary. With that in mind it is quite justifiable for me to say that adopting the right BI model can boost the sales department in tremendous ways. This is because those in charge can observe their customer traffic, most sold products, cost fluctuations and so much more. For recruiting firms, it means getting real-time information on the number of applicants as their resumes flow in, the number of those hired and those rejected and any other analytical data needed. That should be convincing enough to make anyone look for a BI model for their business but the more important question is; what is the right BI model to go for?

There is a plethora of BI models to choose from but I’ll just get right to the point; Salesforce.com reporting and analytics is the best option for any business owner whether starting up or already in business. In a nutshell the model: allows for real-time data flow to the observers just like in the stock markets; enterprise analytics for businesses to perform their what if... analyses, drag and drop reports for real-time tests of operational data. So how exactly does this work for sales reps and recruiting agencies?

As a sales person I always have targets set for the day, week or month therefore getting real-time data on how my sales are proceeding helps me know whether or not I will meet them hence strategize on how to maximize in every situation. Recruiters also have targets to work on for example if they want to employ 10 employees they will probably have about 100 applicants to shortlist from and real-time observation can help control this.

Enterprise analytics are very fundamental to every business no matter the size because of the need to expand. Outstanding Sales reps are often forced to forecast the future of their businesses by changing a few parameters in their department for example prices of products; Salesforce.com reporting and analytics does this in a detailed way. Recruiting firms will also use this feature for adjusting the number of applicants as necessary.

My personal favorites are the drag and drop reports which allow me to filter and group data for the different projects I work on. They give me instantaneous results as soon as I need them. Outstanding Sales reps can utilize them to analyze results at the end of the day, week or month. Recruiters can also impress their clients by using the same reports.

If you are in the BI model market you need not look further than Salesforce.com reporting and Analytics.

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