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As a business owner you are always looking for an edge. You need to build your business, and you understand that marketing is the key. The problem we all have is that there is no magic pill for marketing success. If there were, someone would have already packaged it and sold it. Ever professional marketers have trouble identifying what works and what doesn't.You thought making a great flyer was the key. Or you had that hot radio ad. Or maybe you thought that putting up a web site would bring you tones of business. Maybe you also created a Facebook page or mounted an e-mail campaign. just didn't get the results you were looking for.

So what is the key to finding more customers? Whether you use traditional marketing methods like direct mail, newspapers, door hangers, or TV, or you believe that new tech is the answer, you must understand some basics about why marketing works. 1. Create a marketing plan. The plan must include what methods you will use to find more customers, how frequently you will do these actions, who will be responsible for execution, and how long you will do it for before reevaluating.

2. Persistence. Time is your friend. Whatever method of marketing you choose, you must repeat it over and over in order to develop an audience for your message. To many business owners try a time or two then give up saying “marketing doesn't work.” Well…of course it doesn't if you don’t give it time and repetitions. Allow six months or a year before

3. Use the AIDA method. Whether you are doing a flyer, direct letter, web site, or radio spot this technique is critical. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire/Decision, and Action. It goes like this:

a. Do something to get their ATTENTION. A bold headline, a great graphic, a loud noise, a snappy vid. Be bold and brash. Keep this in mind: you have fewer than 7 seconds to get your prospect’s attention. If you have not captured them in that time, they are moving on.

b. Generate some INTEREST.      This is the body of your piece, and is the most critical piece of the marketing puzzle. Use emotion evoking words. Never state the facts of your products or services, but tell the prospect how your offering will help them. This is called “sell the sizzle, not the steak.” You are offering to fulfil their dreams.

c. Build DESIRE and help them to make a DECISION. This is done by asking critical questions and giving answers that show the best of your benefits. “You DO want to be more appealing to the opposite sex, don’t you? With our magic elixir, the girls won’t be able to keep their hand off you.”

d. Last, your prospect must take ACTION. They will only do this if they know what action you want them to take, and you MUST tell them exactly what they need to do to buy your offering. “Call Today.” “Click here.” “Bring this coupon to our store before it expires.” “Call the 800 number before we run out.” Tell them EXACTLY how to buy your offering.

There is no magic to marketing and business success. Only hard work and persistence. But armed with a few bits of knowledge that your competition doesn't have, you can find more customers and guarantee business success.

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