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Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner that’s stuck in a marketing rut? The rabbit hole of self-promotion can be a dark and deep one. There seems to be only one type of "trending marketing method" today and it’s done via social media in a very impersonal way. Here, we’re going to introduce you to the hottest trend in marketing promotion and you’ll be floored when you find out what it is. Not because it’s never been heard of before; but because it has. Are you ready to acquire an endless supply of clients that are targeted to your business? Of course, you are and here’s the secret to how to do it along with the benefits. Best of all, it costs you nothing and you can get out there and use this method soon as tomorrow.

Why you should speak publicly to groups of your target market.

Public speaking is the hottest "trending marketing method" today. It sounds almost absurd, doesn’t it? A 30-minute talk seems almost too simple but it’s is one of the top reasons why it works. First, let’s investigate the number one reason why it works so much better than the virtual marketing variety. We’ve come a long way with technology and it has its place; however, marketing experts are finding out one crucial fact about business still exists; people buy because they like the person behind the product or service. Yes, deep inside, most of the population still craves human interaction that doesn’t come from a like button or a pop-up ad.

People love a story. The sales benefit of being you.

Every business owner has a personal story they can share about why they developed a product or chose to provide a service. At the end of the talk, when the opportunity arrives to buy the product or service at the back end, they’ll be buying a story and an experience. Why? Typically, it’s because the seller has identified with them somehow. For example, if a seller developed a weight loss supplement or program, and travels around speaking on their personal struggle, the product is much more likely to sell. In addition, the seller typically comes away with a sense of gratification.

Passion sells better in person.

Do you think that Tony Robbins would be the motivation icon that he is today if he simply created a Facebook page and started posting every day? You don’t have to be a motivational speaker to find success in this marketing method. It’s not at all about what you’re selling; it’s more about allowing the people to feel your passion for your product or service. We’ll call it the authenticity factor for the sake of putting a name on the feeling. The more passion you can show, the more authentic you feel to the purchaser.

Yes you want them to “feel” your passion

It’s been a long-known fact that people buy with their emotions. People are also swayed greatly by the seller's emotions as well as the feeling other buyers have about the product. Creating an instant buzz about a product or service in a room full of your target market is just as good as a review. Reviews are king now, and a buzz is great for back-end selling. You can go home with appointments or product sales that day.

In conclusion

There are many downloadable free templates online about how and where to speak to your target market. You owe it to your business, Google it today and start a new success story tomorrow.

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