What are some event marketing trends in 2012?

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2012 offers a host of opportunities for Event Marketing trends. While Event Marketing is a strong form of marketing on its own, there are a few trends that will give it a boost this year. Below are five Event Marketing trends for 2012.

Social Media

Social media is a constant growing phenomenon. People use this medium to stay social with their peers. Now businesses have an ever-growing opportunity to reach these same people.

At events, attendees can be encouraged right on site to follow a company or page. This can be done through providing access to the page on site using tablets or laptops. Attendees can be rewarded for “checking in” to an event or for offering candid feedback about their event experience. At events, social media will allow event marketers to continue the conversation with customers throughout the year.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are live events, tradeshows or conferences that are tied in with virtual events. Marketers will be opening up their events to those unable to attend. In other words, people will be able to join an event or conference through a live stream online or simply through a video of the event. This tactic is becoming very popular as it increases attendance and is cost effective. Hybrid Events will allow events more reach and longer sustainability.

Mobile technology

Mobile technology is ever changing. With so many advances comes a great advantage for Event Marketing. Marketers can create mobile apps specific to their event. This will allow reminders to go out, special announcements, coupons, etc.

Although some are still skeptical about QR Codes, they have the potential to grow within event marketing. Simple uses include placing QR codes on print materials at a booth to take a user to a special deal. Or, use them to stream videos, link to social media sites or other online sources. Some people are even using them to store contact information on event credentials and business cards. A simple scan can provide valuable data.

Tablets and iPads

With so many new tablet brands competing with the iPad, marketers have an even bigger opportunity to utilize them at events in a cost effective way. Tablets are great for collecting data on site through a simple survey or contest entry form. They also allow for engagement and interaction at the booth. Marketers can show off a new application, video, service or even serve as a tool for picture marketing. And, let’s not forget the ever-popular use of social media. Having tablets on site at your event or at your tradeshow booth gives you the opportunity to gain new social media followers and offer incentives to current fans or followers. Have them like your page using the tablet or immediately post their photo onto their page making their experience at your event viral.

Brand Ambassadors

It is very common for a company to have a sponsorship at an event. They are given booth space, a great opportunity to market themselves and reach new customers. The best way to utilize that space is by having an interactive display and outgoing, friendly brand ambassadors. While employees are great to have on site to answer specific questions, professional brand ambassadors trained in interacting with guests and creating a memorable experience at an event will have a huge impact. The interactions event attendees have at a booth are often the most memorable parts of the event.

Investing in Event Marketing is a big and smart step to take to connect with customers. It’s so important to ensure you are taking advantage of all of the current Event Marketing trends to make your customer’s experiences the most memorable and give you the best return on your investment.

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