What are Some Failed Marketing Methods?

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Throughout the years, companies have attempted hundreds of different techniques to attract customers. Some of these techniques have provided remarkable results that remain a part of modern marketing strategy. On the other side of the marketing spectrum are stunts and gimmicks that have failed miserably. Marketing is a very important aspect of company survival. For each failed marketing methods, there is an underlying characteristic or reason.

In order to avoid failing in your marketing strategies, learn from the mistakes these have made. The sign of a successful marketer is learning from the mistakes of others. By learning from past mistakes you will avoid repeating them. Take the below failed marketing methods and apply them to memory.

Illegal Activities

Participating in illegal activities in order to gain exposure is a route to marketing failure. While your company may receive its 15-minutes-of-fame experience, it will not induce the kind of fame you desire. Consider the case where two "streakers" went running through a rugby match with the Vodafone logo painted on their nude bodies. The streakers were promptly arrested, and Vodafone had to provide a public apology and donate funds to a local nonprofit organization geared toward sports injuries. Breaking the law to market your company is likely to cost you both money and integrity. Stick to the laws of the land if you want your company to grow. A company's reputation precedes it; make sure your company has the best reputation possible.

Life Endangerment

Marketing attracts new customers to your establishment. However, if you kill yourself (or an employee) in the process, chances are the marketing ploy will not reach success. In the late 20th century, a former magician, Jim McCafferty, decided to enter into the marketing field. As a ploy to announce his career change, he performed a very dangerous magic trick, but the stunt did not go according to plan. While McCafferty survived and went on to create JMP Creative, his stunt landed him in the hospital with serious burn injuries. Playing Russian roulette with the fate of your company shows a lack of responsibility.

Lack of Planning

Ultimately, all successful marketing strategies are due to effective planning. If a company fails to plan for a campaign, disaster will soon follow. This is exemplified when Snapple attempted to create the world's largest ice pop, made exclusively from the company's juice. All went according to plan, until the unveiling in New York during the heat of summer. The ice pop quickly melted and Snapple juice filled the streets. With bicyclists falling and people slipping, it was quickly learned that not all publicity is good publicity. In order to avoid disaster, proper and thorough planning must happen within your marketing team.

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