What are the best free marketing methods to create an online following?

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Marketing businesses online is something that many entrepreneurs struggle with. You have to determine which strategies will work best, come up with a marketing strategy, and stick with it until you start seeing results. There are plenty of free online marketing methods out there, which is great, but can also mean that it's difficult to pick the best one for you. Also, with free marketing, it will usually take you longer until you start seeing results in your business.

Today we will outline a simple yet very effective strategy that includes the best free marketing methods to help you get tons of new online followers and create a massive online presence for your business. For this strategy, you will need the following: a blog site, a Facebook fan page and Instagram and Twitter accounts for your business.

Your blog is essential to your business, it establishes you as an authority in your field. To run a successful blog, and generate consistent new targetted traffic to your blog, you will need to make four new posts per week.

This can sound like a huge commitment at first, but let's break it down so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. The first post of the week will be the biggest. This is called an authority post. It is fairly lengthy (1000-1500 words) and teaches your audience something useful that will make them think you are the best of the best at whatever it is that you do. The purpose of the post is to create undeniable value for your audience and make them see you as an authority figure in your business.

The second weekly post will be something a bit shorter (about 500 words), and more fun. You can talk about a personal experience, a small tip or trick, or something relevant that is going on in your industry. The other two weekly posts are going to be posts with links out to other relevant blogs or websites in your industry. These can be article quotes (where you reference something you've read on another site), or a news broadcast about something happening in your industry, or a reference to a YouTube video.

Adding links to other authority sites helps to create backlinks, which are a normal and necessary feature of having a successful blog. As you slowly start to build up the number of backlinks on your blog, Google will start to recognize your site more and more as well.

Now for the fun stuff, social media. Most people seem to forget that social media needs to be SOCIAL! People are on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds to be entertained, hear about interesting news or see what their friends are up to. So it's your job to satisfy their social needs in this way. Posts should be fun, include an informative tip, or sound like something you would say to a good friend. It is recommended to share your blog posts on all of your social media pages, but everything else should be lighthearted and fun, and geared towards keeping your audience entertained and engaged.

Let’s say your niche is fitness, some great social media ideas are to post workout photos, a fun fact about going to the gym, what you ate as your post-workout snack (maybe with a picture as well), or a secret about dealing with muscles soreness after a good workout. Or let’s say your niche is puppies. Dog lovers will go crazy over any cute puppy pictures that you post. Or how about sharing some healthy dog snack ideas, or how to keep your furry friends off the couch and other furniture. Anything that can be fun, informative, and most importantly sounds like something you would say to your friends will make a great social media post.

These are some of the best free marketing methods you will find. Sounds super simply, right? Well, it is! All you have to do is put it into action and stay consistent. You will start to see your online audience growing, slowly at first. But as you keep posting more information on your blog and to your social media accounts, it will begin to snowball and before you know it you will have a massive online following.

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