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Online marketing is moving at exceptional speeds. With every business in the world, from mom and pop shops to larger corporations, excelling with websites it's no wonder that websites have now become your new business cards and flyers. And with these millions upon millions of websites, it has never been more difficult to cut through the noise. What is the "noise"? Noise is all of the information out there online that is distracting people from finding your website. How would someone go about cutting through this noise? There is a myriad of different tools and methods you can use to get your brand or product to many people's top of mind.

Below is an example using the well-known beverage Corona.

The two concepts that relate to our ghost shopping experiment are brand equity and adaptive marketing strategy. Corona is a well-known and popular imported Mexican beer, which speaks to the value of their brand name. When we asked the Publix associate which brand of beer he recommended, he said he had no preference, but picked Corona because it is one of the more popular beers that he hears of. Corona is one of the first brands of beer to come to many consumers’ minds on Cinco de Mayo since it is a Mexican beer. Corona’s slogan is, “Find Your Beach”, which makes them a more popular choice when consumers are looking to relax and unwind.

Another theory is the adaptive marketing strategy. We would recommend that Corona sell their beers in larger quantity packages, such as a 36 pack since college students are more prone to purchase when a deal is offered. We would also recommend that Corona utilize more displays since we observed that neither store had any advertisements for Corona. An additional idea we would suggest would be for Corona to employ more promotions since we found that the sales associates regularly recommended items that were on a promotion or sale. As for Corona’s slogan, we suggest adding a campaign with the slogan “Make your beach a night at _______”, allowing the consumer to fill in the blank, which would promote different settings and occasions to drink a Corona.

Cutting through the noise is a problem many people are having these days. So don't worry, you are not alone. The best thing to do is to test many different types of marketing methods. Keep a record of what works for you and your brand, and what doesn't. Keeping a detailed record of these tests can show you that while one facet of a certain method is not working, maybe one section of it is. With this information, you can then implement the right tools are strategy into your marketing methods. And don't forget that marketing is an every changing industry with new tools and ideas coming out every day! Be sure to stay on top of your industry's trends and influencers to help guide you to the best practices and methods to be used in your marketing strategy.

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