How can I generate free publicity for my business?

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Publicity can be the most effective method for selling your product or service without the high cost of advertising. However, the question for many small business owners is just how can I do that without having to hire a public realtions firm?

The good news is that there are actually many unique and creative ways to answer the question of how do I get free publicity for my business. The challenge is finding the time and the believe in yourself to get your business noticed. Every accomplishment begins with the decision to make the attempt. Belief in yourself and your product is the single most important aspect of being successful and getting others to not only believe in you but also be inspired to want to help you. As the old saying goes, sound travels farther when it's someone else tooting your horn.

The first step is to set clear goals and strategies for the growth of your organization. Define where it makes sense geographically for you to set your sites. Don't let the ego of appearing in the media take you away from where your target audience resides. Next, understand specifically who you're target market is. This will help you concentrate on the most likely media they tune into. The media is looking for content and businesses to feature. However, you must help them help you by defining what's unique and distinctive about your business. Is their anything new about your business or has a current trend impacted buying activity there? Media outlets are desperate for products or expertise that is relevant to current news.

Obviously a big step in your campaign for free publicity for your business is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. This will help you achieve things such as getting picked up in search engines when people are searching for your product. It will also gain you credibility as a trusted go to person person with expertise which you can leverage in future advertising. Be sure to do research on your product and see if you can create a newsworthy report that has a witty twist to it and submit it to local news organizations.

The next logical step will be to create and distribute a news or press release designed to create interest and publicity for your business. The power in your press release comes from keeping it simple and relatable as well as containing the answer to why would the readers, listeners or people watching at home on television be interested in the content right now. There are numerous palces on the web to find sample press releases. When finding inspiration, be sure to make it your own.

Today thanks to social media, the media is more accessible than ever before. If you're prepared and approach them with creative angles and an "ask the expert" approach, you will invariably begin to generate free publicity.

Remember when answering the question of how do I get free publicity for my business, first visualize your success. Next believe in yourself as a trusted and credible expert and finally watch your business grow in ways that traditional advertising could never achieve!

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