How can the internet help local small business marketing strategies succeed

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Here are 4 Quick Ways to Localize Your Business Online

The power of the internet has provided many opportunities for small businesses to market themselves on a shoestring budget. To compete with the big enterprise businesses, every local small business marketing strategy must include building an online presence. Yet far too many local small business marketing strategies only go as far as ‘build a website and they will come’. But internet marketing is something that must be consistently updated to be successful.

Here are a few ways to continuously improve your digital marketing as a small business:

1.     Use analytics– Do you know how your customers found you online or what keywords you need to use to be found? If not, you likely either do not have an analytics tool setup (such as Google analytics) or if you do, you are not using it to your advantage. Dive in deep with the information you receive from these tools and use what you learn from to consistently improve your business.

2.     Too much of a good thing is not a strategy– Many local small businesses aim too big. If your business offering is based locally, such as a personal trainer, localize your content and keywords to be found easier by people in your area. Instead of using general keywords, such as ‘weight loss’, target your customer base by localizing keywords to your specific area of operation. This will help when it comes to your spot on the search engines


3.     Encourage checkins at your business – Local businesses have the opportunity to be found by others in their area simply by having the customers who are already at their establishment let their network of friends know where they are. Create a promotion to encourage people to check in at your location and give away something for their efforts.

4.     Host a Meetup –While many people are using daily deal sites to generate publicity, such as Groupon or LivingSocial, these tactics have proven to not always be effective. While people may come through the doors initially, they don’t always keep people coming back. Once their deal is over customers tend to get sticker shock from the actual price of the service.

Instead, offer classes through meetup groups. Meetup is a site that brings people with mutual interests in the same area together. Using the personal trainer example, offer a small class for a group of women or offer a lecture on something specific such as how to lose weight or the latest advancements in nutrition. This will let people know about your business for free, and if done right, keep them coming back for more.

Small businesses that offer localized services must treat their online presence as a local operation as well. Targeted keywords specific to the area of operation will help to bring in the right market and get found easier on the search engines. In turn, you be more likely to be found by actual potential customers and create significantly more opportunity.

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