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For 3 years I have owned and operated my own business and I have used social media marketing to get the word out about my product. The gripe I hear from my fellow business owners is, "What is the best marketing plan for my small business?"

Not an easy answer even though everyone knows what platforms they should be using. Small business is all about standing out in a crowd so people can see you. The problem with most small businesses is they do not have a marketing plan to get them there.

The old adage in marketing is, "The more ads you run the more business you get." Unfortunately, the world is full of advertisements that crowd and overwhelm our TV's and Billboards. And with giant corporations taking up the majority of ad space, it can be impossible for a small business to compete.

We have become so desensitized that we hardly recognize 75% of the advertising that is meant for us. This poses a great opportunity.

Try This Tomorrow For Your Social Media Marketing

1. Find A Container - This can be a jar, box, or anything that you can put ballots in.

2. Create A Prize - What ever your product is, offer that product or some variation for the prize.

3. Make Ballots - Create ballots that include a name, number, email, and their birthday. Once the contest is ready, put the container with the ballots on your counter.

4. Have a Twitter Account and Facebook Account - If you do not already have one of each of these accounts, then you will need to create them. Make sure you have your business name, a good profile, and something that sets your business apart on those pages.

5. How To Enter - All people have to do to enter is go online to either of those two accounts and like the Facebook page or follow the Twitter profile.

6. Who Wins - Now set a date for the drawing and pick a winner. Contact that winner and send them their prize.

The Real Winner:

You are the real winner. Now you have collected invaluable information. Every time you have something to tell your customers all you have to do is go to the lists you just generated by your contest. You should have a Twitter list, Facebook list, cell phone list, and email list.

These lists can get the word out to your customers. Another important list to utilize is the birthday list. Make a note when a birthday comes up and send a personal message. If you send a message wishing your customer a happy birthday and offer them something special, they will become a life time customer.

Now that you know a quick way to get social media working for you and for your small business, don't feel like you have to stop there. Create more contests. Offer free give aways for people who sign up. Let your customers know that you want to be there service provider.

The more you do this, the more your business will grow.

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