Where can I find web site content?

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Resources for Web site content are literally everywhere. The most obvious answer is to develop your own Web site content.

Most Web sites act as a brochure for a company's goods and services. Where companies miss the boat is that an active Web site that is updated on a regular basis will generate higher search engine results, particularly if that Web site content is loaded with keywords relevant to your product or service.

Writing your own site content takes time or costs money to hire somebody to write it for you. There are, however, numerous article Web sites out there that offer articles on a wide range of topics. The authors of these articles contribute their works to receive exposure as subject matter experts. So, by their mere presence on these sites, they want you to use their content and all they ask in return is that you give them their byline credit and a link back to their Web site. Not a bad deal.

So, if you have blog section of your Web site and are looking for content, articles sites are the way to go. Just be sure to give credit to the authors.

Of course, hiring a freelance copywriter to generate website content is another option. If you do not know how to go about hiring a writer, a simple Google search on "copywriter" and "Web site content" is a good way to start. Rates vary depending on the experience and skill level.

If you do not have a big budget for original content, there are sites like elance.com for freelance copywriters and other creative types. You can post a project on these sites and then the copywriters will then bid on the project. This is definitely a buyer beware situation. While you may want to save money, you tend to get what you pay for when you hire the lowest bidder.

Starting a Twitter account is another good way to find content for your blog on your Web site. By following people in your industry, you are bound to come across articles of interest and relevant to your audience. Be advised that it is never good practice to run the entire article from another site or publication. Even if you give credit, it can appear that you are plagiarizing.

One way around that is to draft a brief summary of the article with a link to it. Give full credit to the publication and the author.

Another source of website content: public relations. If your company is actively promoting itself with press releases, you should incorporate a news room on your Web site. This can include the full content of the press release, as well as links to any coverage the release might receive.

Web site content need not only be words. Perhaps you want to update images on your site. With a good digital camera, you can update or add photos of key staff to your site. Depending on your Web site platform, you can add descriptions of those photos and captions, which also adds to the number of keywords you have on your site.

Beyond these ideas, there are many more ways to constantly update your website content on a regular basis and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

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