How can I best measure social media effectiveness?

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You see everywhere that you need a strategy for social media marketing, but how do you measure the effectiveness? Your boss isn't going to be happy hearing you say "It's working," without some solid ROI stats. In this article, I'll briefly review what it is and how to measure your social media effectiveness as well as provide concrete examples for how you can incorporate it into your business.

Social media marketing is putting your company out there on Facebook, Twitter,, Pintarest, etc. as well as providing content on your blog, videos on YouTube, press releases, etc. It can take a lot of work to provide the right content in the right place to create the end result: more paying business.

Step one is to have your end goal clearly in mind and this should be a mix of qualitative and quantitative metrics. Quantitative examples are a 20% increase in traffic to your Contact Us page, 10% increase in the times your sales people receive a call, or increased brand recognition noted by the number of times people use your brand name on the internet. Qualitative needs to be measured through surveys, or by looking at the aggregate of how people talk about you on the internet (positive vs. negative comments). If you use social media as part of your customer support, ask them to take a quick survey when their issue is resolved so you can find out how well you answered their question.

Step two is to write out an online marketing plan. If you try to do everything at once, you're sure to fail, so start with one or two social media sites and build them up. Once you are getting metrics, you can then survey to find out where else your prospects and current customers hang out. If none of your clients are on Pintarest, then it would be a waste of time and money to build up boards there.

Finally, consider using social media creatively. For example, video testimonials carry far more weight than written ones. This will increase a prospects impression of you, as well as your know, like, and trust factors. On the internet, if the prospect doesn't know you personally, you have to target these factors far more than if you were meeting someone over coffee.

Another point to social media effectiveness is to increase the number of off-site links to your domain. After the latest updates to the Google algorithm, it's even more important to look like the authority site not only for what you're selling, but also for your company. Unfortunately, it happens sometimes where a disgruntled person will set up a domain like and they rank higher in the Google results than you do. Content marketing can help to push this result down off of the first page and improve your reputation.

So, to conclude, social media effectiveness is measured qualitatively and quantitatively. Additionally, having a good online marketing plan will improve your know, like and trust factors as well as improve your Google search placement. Start slowly and work consistently, and you will have a great online reputation with people buzzing about you.

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