How can I use social media for my funeral home?

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The online world is fast and crazy and without the right approach, or the right tools it can easily become a serious problem and bad PR for your funeral home.

Funeral home social media may seem pointless but it is more important than ever for funeral homes to connect with their community. And blogging and Facebook are key to connecting with the online community. If a Facebook page is created incorrectly, or created and not maintained then this actually creates a negative impact upon your reputation online. The same applies to a blog or Twitter or any social media accounts. These sites should not be started, if they cannot be maintained and equally there is no point to them if they are not generating the right conversation amongst your target market or on a higher level, if they are not generating leads. Creating a blog or a Facebook can have a positive impact on your funeral home including:

Boost SEO

Statistics show that businesses who blog and use social media will increase website traffic by up to 60%. The more people on your website the more awareness your community will have of the services and products you sell and the resources you can offer.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is getting your website to rank better for relevant keywords on search engines. And your Funeral Home’s Facebook page should be seen as another website for your business. It will often rank as high if not higher on Search Engines because of Facebook’s Domain. Look at your Facebook page as an interactive website that encourages a two-way conversation with your target market.

Show you are human

Most people have a negative view of a funeral home – the idea of the grim reaper, dark, dim, stuffy rooms and often ‘ambulance chasers’. Funeral home social media and blogging can help you dispel the myths and show people your funeral home’s heart. What better way to get ahead of the competition than showing people you genuinely care about them? Would you buy from a friend or a stranger? People buy from people they know and trust and blogging and social media help the public to see a funeral home as a group of people with the aim of helping and caring for the community when a death occurs.

The Community

You are at the heart of your community. Yes, you want your community to automatically think of you when it’s time to create a funeral service but to do that you need to build awareness of your funeral home, your expertise and gain their trust. Showcase this on your blog. Become the go-to website for their questions. Link up with the community on events and help support their events by promoting them on your blog and social media. Give testimonials, reviews and recommendations. Show your love of your community and that message will spread.

Credibility and reputation

Position yourself as a thought leader. Most people arrive at a funeral home during an time-of-need service and so they may not know the wealth of services that you provide. A blog and social media can help to showcase this without selling AT them or being too pompous. Become someone they can turn to and ask questions when the time is right.

Drive Sales

Statistics show that companies with business blogs will generate on average 80% more sales leads. Use your blog to educate people on how to personalize their service which could ultimately leads to more ‘add on’ sales for your home.

70% of people use blogs as information sources when making buying decisions.

Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89% so get some testimonials from the customers who visit your funeral home and put them onto your blog and Facebook page.

It can also help you to understand your market

You can do polls, ask questions on social media, get feedback and generally begin to understand your market more. It’s about opening a two-way conversation with the people you serve every day.

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