How do I Get Better at Marketing on Facebook?

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You have 1,000 friends on Facebook, you post at least once a day and you get your fair share of likes, and for all your hard work, what do you get? One more book sale, or one more dollar submitted to your Kickstarter, or one more subscriber to your newsletter. Shouldn't you be getting more out of having so many people following you on Facebook?

Well, no.

Facebook, and social media in general, are dominated by white noise, meaningless static, filler that only pads your social media feed in between the status updates and news posts that you actually want to read. Marketing on Facebook isn't about raw numbers, it's not about just reaching as many people as possible, it's about reaching the right people, and here are three ideas to help you do just that:

Friend Fewer People

You can only add up to 5,000 friends on Facebook, so think of those spots like currency. When you go shopping, you don't just grab everything you see, you buy the stuff you like and the stuff you need in order to make healthy meals. Think of your friends on Facebook the same way. It does you no good to add one hundred people who will never stop and read one of your status updates when they scroll past it, but it can do a lot of good to friend just one person who takes an interest in the kind of content you post, and who has a hundred people who do stop and read everything they share.

Focus on the value of every friend added. The ideal Facebook friend has an interest in the kind of content you post, and they have an audience of their own to share it with. Once you have ten, twenty, a hundred such friends, the rest pretty much takes care of itself.

Pursue Real, Meaningful Connections

That ideal Facebook friend we were just talking about isn't going to find you and post all of your content just for the fun of it. If you ignore them, if you don't show any appreciation, if you don't take an interest in what they're posting, then they're going to start to return the favor. You're looking to expand your web of influence, and that doesn't happen if all of the strands at the center of that web are weak, so work to keep them strong even as you pursue more friends.

Keep it Tight

The content that spreads the most on Facebook tends to be snappy. There is a risk of oversimplifying a subject in the name of marketing on Facebook, but most points of view can be expressed in a single sentence in a way that resonates with people. Snappy content that rings true and gets right to the point is the kind of content that spreads, the kind of content that you can read once and pick up on right away and share with your friends.

If you put these ideas into practice, don't be surprised if you get to the point where you can't always tell the difference between Facebook "friends" and actual friends whom you happened to meet on Facebook. The future of marketing and of business lies in meaningful, lasting connections between businesses, between professionals, and most importantly, between people.

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