How do you effectively use video in social media?

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Professors teach through a pixilated screen; troops far, far away from their families

talk and see them. Within the last several years, technology and social behaviors have

collided. Facebook, Google, MySpace, Twitter, even iTunes and Amazon are jumping

onto the social media bandwagon, waving their “Way of the Future” banners.

With this development has also seen the evolution of video advertisement. Instead of brief

oft-muted clips between television shows, technology is seeing a shift into video

advertisements littered all throughout the World Wide Web. With proper care and

attention, the use of this versatile marketing tool can launch any product, business, or

service to healthy profits and sustainable exposure.

Video in social media can be an unruly beast, however. The tides of information ebb and flow as quickly as the rushing water of the ocean on the Internet. Your video may be the next big thing, but only for a few minutes. Thus, if you want your video to be successful, keep it moving. Utilize all of your possible resources. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

In the multi-faceted world of the Internet, your video will surely get lost. Post it on your company blog. Send it out in your email newsletter. Post it on your Facebook page.

Tweet about it. Post it on your YouTube page. Active movement that pushes forward

your video is paramount. The Internet isn’t stagnant; neither should be your video.


For your convenience, here are several of many outlets that would jumpstart your video…

Facebook – post videos on your Facebook page. Six hundred million users have claimed

a Facebook account. With so much action constantly bouncing around on this social media website, a video can become viral in seconds.

YouTube – You can create YouTube channels specifically for your company in which

users can visit and click on any video they want.

App – Although apps can be costly to set up, the audience is massive. Anyone with a

Smartphone can access your video night or day, when they have a few spare minutes on

the bus or between appointments.

Blog – Post your video to your blog. Some people have even moved to “V-logs” in which

bloggers now post videos instead of text-based articles.

Google/Bing/Yahoo search engines – Study up on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Being at the top of a Google search is a sure-fire way to get more traffic.


The content of your video in social media is just as important as where you post your masterpiece. Here are a few helpful hints for effective video content:

Product Review – discusses a recent innovation in video social marketing:

product reviews. has now allowed consumers to give a video review for

other prospective consumers.

Product Demonstration – Post a video to your blog, Facebook page, etc. that describes

how your product is used. Should you be selling a binding machine, show how the

binding machine works.

Of course, the Internet and consequently, social media is constantly changing.

Technology becomes obsolete in a simple matter of years and in some cases, even

months. Utilize all of these outlets and you will find a great spike in your business and

your profits. All successful businesses are pulling towards this new and exciting means

of marketing. People can be reached on a substantially larger scale than ever before;

now is the time for businesses to capitalize the profitable potential of social media.

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