The Secret to Marketing to Women Online

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When Dove’s sales declined, as a result of being lost in a crowded market, they reached out to Edelman Public Relations for help. Utilizing the power of video, storytelling, online advertising, and social media, Dove’s efforts to reclaim their market share exceeded the company’s expectations, resulting in a 700% increase and $1 billion in product sales, based on findings in the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Case Study.

The key to their success? Appealing to women’s emotions by focusing their campaign on redefining beauty and improving women’s self esteem.

Dove’s success illustrates the importance of marketing to women. Marketers must drop the old mentality of “targeting” women and connect with them, instead. Earn their trust.

Women account for 85% of consumer purchases, buying for themselves, their families, and their businesses*. Additionally, they control 51.3% of the nation’s private wealth, according to “Influence: How Women’s Soaring Economic Power will Change Our World for the Better”. With such tremendous buying power, affiliate marketers cannot afford to misunderstand what drives the purchases of this demographic.

Below are 5 guidelines to follow when marketing to the group that really holds the wallet.

Speak Her Language

Don’t disrupt her online experience with over-hyped sales messages. Gently spark her interest with empathetic, relational ad copy. Video can be a powerful medium to quickly evoke emotion.

Connect Her with Others

Women are biologically wired to share experiences with each other. While men are sold by facts and figures, women would rather hear about how a person’s life was improved by a product.

Allow Her to Research

One advertising message may not be enough to convince a woman that your product is what she needs, and she will most likely explore more details over time before making a purchase. Create URLs that are easy to remember, so she can find your site quickly when she is ready to buy.

Appeal to Changing Status Trends

While traditional status luxury lust is here to stay, points to a couple new status trends that are emerging.

•Generosity: Donations to nonprofits. 10% of proceeds donated to a child in need.

•Green Credentials: Eco-friendly goods and services. Organic baby food.


Cognitive anthropologist Dr. Bob Deutsch writes marketers should recognize that women have the ability to perceive more than the metric of a product attribute. Women take it all in and then decide how your product or service fits into the pattern of her life. Help her figure that out and your marketing campaigns will be pure gold.

While marketing to women takes extra preparation, keep in mind the words of Og Mandino, author of The Greatest Salesman in the World, “Never skimp on that extra effort, that soft word of praise or thanks, that delivery of the very best that you can do.”

Though it may prove to be challenging at first, once you have created marketing campaigns that effectively meet her emotional needs and fit within the pattern of her life, you will have a distinct advantage over your competitors. Now that’s money.

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