6 Ways to Increase Traffic and Generate More Leads

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Online marketers spend a lot of time and resources developing web content and planning ad campaigns to generate more leads. However, it takes a steady flow of new leads - and the ability to convert them to buyers- to keep an online business afloat. It can be challenging to create enough actionable ideas to generate and convert leads however, a few simple changes can increase your site's traffic and get people interested in your product. Here are five ways to get more people to your site and to generate profitable leads.

1. Make your "About Us" page work for you.

Your "About Us" page is where visitors go to see what you're all about - it's the gateway to your business. It’s the ideal place to create a call to action (CTA), which is one of the most effective ways to generate more leads. A CTA is a specific request or prompt that encourages the reader to take a specific action such as visiting another page, signing up for an email list or downloading a file. A well-designed and compelling CTA will optimize your "About Us" page by helping customers click through your site instead of clicking away.

2. Provide fewer choices on your web pages.

Having too many CTAs on your site can be counterproductive. Too many choices leave visitors confused and less likely to follow through with any of them resulting in fewer leads. Fewer choices usually result in better conversions.

3 Create videos for your products.

Many people identify as visual learners - they understand something better when they see it in action rather than reading about it. Help them learn about your products by providing videos in addition to text. Videos keep visitors engaged and can inspire them to take action. Product videos don't need to be long and complicated; a short, concise video with a convincing message actually generates more solid leads.

4 Post Good Content

With content being king always, it is important to create an interesting and interactive experience for your potential clients on social media. Use your post to share informative content, news, customer experiences and helpful tips. Filling all your social media pages with content that sounds like a sales pitch, is the quickest way to drive away your potential customers to other more interesting pages. Make sure you strike a balance between the promotional posts and the ones that inform and entertain your page visitors. Have content that reflects your thoughtfulness for your potential customer who will be reading it. Let the content be captivating enough to prompt them to want to know more about your business and visit not only all the other social media pages, but your official website as well.

5 Blog as often as possible.

Posting informative and engaging content consistently is tough, but it's one of the best ways to increase traffic. However, it can be a slow process because it takes time for the search engines to find and rank your content. Many new marketers get discouraged because they don't see immediate results, but the process can take months. Keep blogging consistently, and eventually, your traffic will increase exponentially.

6. Check Twitter every day.

A quick Twitter search can help you find people who are interested in your products or services. The information is in real time, so it's a great opportunity to engage with people talking about your products or who have problems that your product can solve. Twitter is a great free resource for developing leads-you can even use services such as Tweetbeep, which works like Google Alerts, to notify you when people discuss your products.

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