Does your business need a content marketing copywriter?

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Answered by: Michael, An Expert in the Target Marketing and SEO Category
What does it mean to be a content marketing copywriter? Is it the same thing as an SEO copywriter? A marketing strategist? A freelancer who specializes in copy that sells products and services? Well, let’s break it down.

“Content marketing” is actually a marketing strategy (using content in its many and varied forms). Which is to say that it involves the use of content as part of a coherent long-term plan that has as its end goal the selling of products and services. Which cannot happen unless the content adheres to SEO principles in order to be found by both people and search engines. Which means that a content marketing copywriter is, ideally, the person who understands both content marketing strategy and SEO. Not one or the other.

Many, many copywriters bill themselves as “SEO experts”. Alas, it does not take long to realize that what they mean by this is that they know how to insert keywords into their copy at a certain density. Don’t get me wrong—this is certainly part of SEO 101. But, without knowledge of how that copy will be used as part of a long-term marketing strategy, the copywriter can only create isolated bits of related content that may or may not be helpful to the client.

You’ve heard the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”? In content marketing, this is true for sure. A good content marketing copywriter will be able to take the bits and pieces, the company’s goals, keywords, budget and long-term vision for growth, and understand how to create content that takes them from one end to the other.

We have said it before—without a strategy, your online marketing efforts are likely to be hit and miss. So, it stands to reason that you need a strategist. One of the most cost-effective ways to get one, regardless of your marketing budget, is to avail yourself of the services of a skilled content marketing copywriter. With a good content strategist in place you can:

1. Define your goals

2. Determine your customers’ needs

3. Determine the desired customer action

4. Choose the appropriate content products/vehicles

5. Track results

If this list sounds familiar—congratulations! You have read our content marketing ebook. You must be very smart! These are, in fact, the 5 steps to effective content marketing.

So, does your copywriter understand how the copy he or she writes will be used? Or are they plugging keywords into 100 pages of content that all pretty much say the same thing? Are they creating sad, lonely and isolated little bits of content that have no meaning by themselves, just floating around out there with no direction and no purpose? Or do they understand that no content is an island?

Your content marketing copywriter will get it. He or she can put the puzzle pieces together for you so that you—and your business—can step back and see the bigger picture.

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