What Are Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords and How Can You Use Them for SEO?

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A major part of content optimization depends on keyword placement.

Here’s the kicker, though – search engines are getting smarter by the day. Google, for example, has been updating its algorithm frequently for the past few years with the ultimate goal of rewarding content with natural keyword flow.

And you can’t play the blame game. Just think about it, would you love to read a blog with content stuffed with random keywords or a blog with content that naturally flows to your mind?

Exactly, that is what Google and other search engines want from you. Specifically, search engines have started to understand that natural content does not include redundant keyword phrases, and this element has been a huge game-changer to what type of keywords influence content to receive recognition in SERPs.

That is where LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword research comes in.

In simple terms, LSI or latent semantic indexing is the process of identifying similar words or synonymic phrases. Google and other major search engines use LSI as one of their indexing factors in order to provide the best and most natural search results to their users.

The ability of these search engines to create an analogy between the main keywords, its related phrases, synonyms and plurals helps in maintaining content relevance and higher rankings in SERPs.

As mentioned above, LSI content refers to keywords thematically connected to specific search queries. Search engines use these queries to determine what the content is all about. For example, when a search engine discovers a web page with the title ‘Samsung’ in it, how does it differentiate whether the web page is about Samsung TV, Samsung smartphones or Samsung washing machines? Answer: It uses LSI keywords, if there are words like Android, front camera and earphone in the web page then the search engine would identify the post is all about Samsung smartphones. Therefore in this example front camera, earphone and Android can be considered as LSI keyword examples for the main keyword ‘Samsung smartphones’.

So if the theme of your website is all about Samsung smartphones, you don’t need the keyword Samsung smartphones repeated several times in you content and web pages in order to rank for that keyword. Instead, you should use it in moderation and build content around related topics such as latest Android phones by Samsung or Samsung smartphones with the best front camera.

By simply being more specific with your content, you can tell search engines what your website is all about. As a result, you can gain rankings for the primary keyword without overdoing it in your content.

Some of the main benefits of using LSI keywords in your content are:

-Be safe from being penalized

LSI keywords will keep your site safe from being penalized. The prime reason is that you don’t have to include the same keyword multiple times in your content; doing so just makes it look unnatural. Instead, you’ll be using closely related words to the main keyword you’re targeting, which will deliver value, give leeway to your content and are likely to keep your site safe from algorithmic as well as manual penalties.

-Keep readers engaged

A majority of the internet readers are hasty – and they have a reason to be with the plethora of information available on the web. Visitors have little or no time to read the whole article, but LSI keywords can help in retaining some of their attention. LSI has the capability of being rearranged in different ways, letting you leverage phrases that can be used for creating unique, natural content pieces. This can increase reader engagement.

-Improve search rankings

To increase your website’s rank in SERPS, you must regularly publish unique content. LSI keywords let you write on the same niche/topic in several ways, making your content unique and natural. With time, search engines will start to recognize your primary keyword for the niche you’re targeting and start ranking your website higher for its LSI variations.

A well-executed content strategy is the best way in this day and age to improve search rankings. Augmenting your content with LSI keywords and themes will optimize your web pages and bring you natural traffic that yields better results.

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