What are some app store optimization tips for Google Play?

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With over a million apps available on Google Play, app discovery is a challenge. Optimizing your app's store listing will improve its visibility in Google's app marketplace. We will discuss some app store optimization tips below.

Most installs on Google Play come from users searching for apps, so ensuring your app's Google Play page is search engine friendly is a must. The most important component of an app's store listing is the title. The title should contain your most important keywords. Choose carefully, because the maximum length for titles is only 30 characters.

A keyword-rich description is also an important factor in your app's visibility on Google Play. You will need to write two types of descriptions: a short description and a long one. The short description is up to 80 characters long and serves to briefly tell users what your app is about. Write an enticing short description to persuade a user to download your app. If possible, include your main keywords in the short description.

Unlike the short description, which is prominently displayed on your app's store listing, the long description is only visible when the user taps a "Read More" link. The long description is where you can explain your app's features and benefits in greater detail. Make sure to use your main keywords five times in the long description. Using these keywords more than five times does not seem to improve discoverability. The long description can be up to 4,000 characters long, so it is the ideal place to also target long-tail keywords.

Optimizing your app's title and description will increase the chances of your app ranking high in Google Play's search results. But how can you convince a user to download your app? Displaying appealing graphics in your app's store listing will help. A great icon is a must. The icon is the image a user sees in search results, "Top Apps" lists and "Similar apps" sections. A beautiful, eye-catching design will let your app's icon stand out among a sea of competing icons. An icon that conveys what the app is about will encourage a user searching for apps like yours to click through.

The other visual elements shown in your app's Google Play store listing are the feature graphic, video and screenshots. The feature graphic is a large, 1024 by 500 pixel image that is displayed at the top of an app's Google Play page. This prominent graphic is an opportunity to make a great impression on a user. The promo video is an efficient way to show users what your app is about. Users don't have the patience to sit through a lengthy video, so keep your video short. The promo video is also a way to drive YouTube viewers to your app's Google Play page.

Well-designed screenshots are vital to your app's success. If the screenshots look unprofessional, users are less likely to download your app. Furthermore, many users browsing Google Play do not read app descriptions, so screenshots that explain what your app does will help convince users to download it. Informative screenshots can be created by using short, punchy captions that pique the user's interest.

Follow these app store optimization tips for Google Play and you will increase the chances of users finding and downloading your app.

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