What is Keyword Density and Why Do Business Owners Need to Know?

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Every business owner should take the time to understand what keyword density is before they start purchasing or creating content for their website. Without understanding the concept it will be very difficult to rank in search engines with your content.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are sets of words that let search engines know what your website is about. When this string of words is placed on your website, search engines will pick them up and begin to associate your webpage with those words when people type them into the search box.

For instance, if you have the words dog potty training on a page of your website you are more likely to get visitors who are looking for information about potty training their dog.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the number of words of your content that are taken up by a chosen keyword. If you have a 500 word article, and you place a keyword in the article that is five words long you have a density of 1%. This is because five of the 500 words are your keyword.

If you increased the number of times the keyword shows up in your article the density would increase. Also decreasing or increasing the total length of your article will alter the density, but you can always figure it out by diving the total number of words dedicated to keywords by the total number of words in your article, and then multiplying the answer that you found by 100

Why is this Important?

Now that you no longer have to ask yourself "what is keyword density?" you can start to focus on why it actually matters that you understand the concept. Since Google, and many other search engines, have made updates to their quality guidelines over the last few years, keyword density has become very important.

If you pay someone to write an article for you, it is important to include your desired keyword in at the right density. A keyword density of between one and two percent seems to be working well currently, and if you exceed that by too much it could hurt your results in the search engines.

Search engines are constantly looking out for articles that contain spam. These are articles that contain phrases that do not make sense, or content that has a very large number of the same phrase in order to try and manipulate web rankings.

Being overly repetitive with a specific keyword used to be helpful for getting an article ranked, but today it will actually stop your site from ranking at all.

Now that you understand how to verify the density of a keyword that is included in your article, you can make sure it has been included the correct number of times. By learning how to monitor the quality of your articles you can make sure you are getting helpful content for your website. Having this understanding also makes it much easier to verify that you are hiring quality writers, and if you want to write up your own business content you will know exactly what to do.

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